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Fill the Void is a Israeli drama film written and directed by Rama Burshtein. It focuses on life among the Haredi Jewish community in Tel Aviv, Israel. | Manny the Movie Guy; Watch new 'Fill the Void' movie clips. Hadas Yaron, Yiftach Klein star in .. Also Known As: Fill the Void See moreĀ». Definition of fill the void in the Idioms Dictionary. fill the void phrase. What does fill the void expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary.

Critics Consensus: Graceful, complex, and beautifully layered, Fill the Void offers a sympathetic portrait of an insulated culture by exploring universal themes. Claustrophobia isn't often considered a cinematic asset beyond tales of suspense and horror. But "Fill the Void," an award-winning Israeli. Fill the Void tells the story of an eighteen-year-old Shira who is the youngest daughter of her family. Her dreams are about to come true as she is set to be.

The story of an ultra-Othodox Hassidic family ripe with all the drama and interpersonal conflicts of a Jane Austen novel. Mark Kermode applauds Rama Burshtein's moving tale of a young woman living within the strict confines of Tel Aviv's ultra-Orthodox.