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Find and follow posts tagged pushing daisies on Tumblr. I miss the brightly coloured and happy world of Pushing Daisies so this blog was born. Nothing here is mine, if something is yours please let me know and I will. Dedicated to Bryan Fuller's masterpiece, Pushing Daisies! One original post per day, plus fabulous reblogs! Currently over the moon about the possibility of a.

Fangirl Challenge Meme: [2/10] TV Shows – Pushing Daisies. “Candy might be sweet, but it's a traveling carnival blowing through town. Pie is home. People. Gifs from Pushing Daisies! Feel free to drop a message in the Submit link for submissions and the ask link for requests. A blog to celebrate one of the best of Bryan Fuller's creations.

Pushing Daisies Masterpost (no reblogging please) Credits to leonardbonesy Season One 1x01 - Pie-lette 1x02 - Dummy 1x03 - The Fun In. Hi there! This is an appreciation blog dedicated to the (cancelled) ABC TV show, Pushing Daisies, and its cast and crew. thefoodispeople: “ dottewa: “ a-void-reality: “ GO WATCH THIS SHOW, HONESTLY IT IS SO AMAZING. IF THIS POST CREATES 1 NEW PUSHING DAISIES FAN.