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The Military Dictionary

The United States Department of Defense (DoD) military dictionary contains thousands of words with respective definitions. Simply select a letter group below to. The DOD Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms (DOD Dictionary) sets forth Dictionary is enumerated in Department of Defense Instruction (DODI). Military definition, of, for, or pertaining to the army or armed forces, often as distinguished from the navy: from civilian to military life. See more.

Ten, hut! So you'd like the definition of military? Yes, Sir! The adjective military is used to describe anything related to the armed forces or soldiers. ed originally to have comprehended a 'Vocabulary ef military term,11; and had Dictionary of , and the English Military Dictionary ofmajor. This comprehensive reference to U.S. military terms, people, and battles covers military history from the earliest colonial conflicts to the present. It includes facts.

The Joint Publication (JP) , Department of Defense Dictionary of Military and Terms, sets forth standard US military and associated terminology to. military definition: 1. relating to or belonging to the armed forces: 2. typical of the armed forces: 3. the armed forces. Learn more. The definition of military is the armed forces responsible for securing and defending a country. The Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force and Coast Guard are an . Fortunately, the following article lists common military vocabulary so you can begin to understand exactly what is being said before you get to base.