Reelportal for playbook download

Reelportal for playbook

A real disappointment:(Loaded it onto my PB and on my wife's iPhone 4s and let me tell you it's so jittery and full of echo. UTTERLY useless. Please Login to Remove! Hey, trying out a new Vchat app called ReelPortal ( Free on app World) Supports multi video chat, and seem to be. More details on various operations of the private room version of ReelPortal. This demo ReelPortal is also available on Android, Playbook, and iOS markets.

My ReelPortal app currently runs on Android devices with a single front I already submitted a version for the Playbook, but won't find out if it. I think the Playbook is using AIR , so is it the same problem that was reported in Adobe May 5, AM (in response to reelportal). i need a playbook car stands and accessories . anyone that has for sale should get in touch for video call from playbook to other device install reelportal.

ReelPortal is a video chat and conferencing app, requiring no registration or account. LimeTrip also created this YouTube video on the Playbook. Android and. ReelPortal on Android Market BlackBerry Playbook/BB10 phones: Do you want to host your own ReelPortal video conference service on your home LAN.