Cyanogenmod 9 samsung ace download

Cyanogenmod 9 samsung ace

-This is picked up from where TheWhisp(on our Ace it was Wayland_Ace) left. Inspired by Androidmeda's ics-plus and finetuned to Samsung. All the details can be found here: Music: Wonder Walker - Remixed by me in Audacity All credits go to TeamGalaxyICS. The Galaxy Ace S didn't receive the ICS upgrade officially but, by reading this tutorial guide you will learn how to upgrade it using CM9 based custom ROM .

the ultimative way to unbrick it and update the Galaxy Ace i to CyanogenMod CyanogenMod 9 for the Samsung Galaxy Ace S is unofficial, but it's still worth trying. This firmware is still in beta stage but it is reportedly. 16 Aug Android custom ROM leaked for the Samsung Galaxy Ace S and a video demonstration revealed that Galaxy Ace powered by CyanogenMod Leaked.