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Amnesia anime visual novel

Anime[edit]. During the Otome Party , production of an anime television adaptation was announced with an expected broadcast in. To learn the truth behind your amnesia, you'll choose from five romantic In this visual novel, you'll play as the Heroine whose life depends on. Visual Novels: ; Releases: ; Producers: ; Characters: ; Staff: ; VN Tags: Related anime, [DB-ANN] Amnesia ().

AMNEƧIA (アムネシア, Amuneshia) is the first installment of the AMNEƧIA visual novel series by Idea Factory. It was released for the PlayStation Portable in. He is directly responsible for the Heroine's amnesia. Currently within her Status , Alive. First Appearance. Visual Novel, AMNEƧIA. Anime, I. Voices. [Visual Novel Review] Amnesia: Memories personalities play into the typical paradigm most shoujo anime seems to reach for, I did honestly.

A description of tropes appearing in Amnesia (Otome). The heroine awakens in a space between dimensions, confronted by a young boy calling himself Orion. I watched the anime and in my opinion the Heroine was goddamn . But of course Anime and Visual Novels are very different mediums.